Meatless Monday is here again and this week we’ve gone international! Got Meat. have popped over to China to check out Shanghai’s well-established vegan restaurant: Vegetarian Lifestyle.

The restaurant wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, it didn’t stink of hemp-flavoured incense, it wasn’t filled with dreadlocked hippies, it was indistinguishable from any meat-serving restaurant, even when it came to the food.

The meal was delicious, you heard the man, and it did not feel like anything was missing even though we were aware of the lack of meat. It begs the question, if avoiding eating meat was always this easy, would more people do it?

The world’s population is getting more and more conscious of the damage meat production is doing to the planet they live on, so why hasn’t there been more of a reaction? People don’t buy hybrid cars because they look cool, or install solar panels because they add to the décor of their roof; they do it because they feel a responsibility to the planet they live off. So regardless of how delicious bacon is, wouldn’t more people give it up if going vegan was as easy to do as buying a bag-for-life?

What do you think?


Meat is nice, but are we eating too much of it? Have a look at this video, it’s called SAMSARA Food Sequence:

If we keep consuming at the rate that we are then we might (probably, definitely) run out of meat. Then what are our options?

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