Faggots: A misunderstood meat

First, a disclaimer, the term “faggots” is not in any way intended as an offensive term for a gay person (though the title does work ironically well in that context), but rather as a lovely foodstuff made from various animal inside-y bits.

There are many definitions for the word “faggot” and unfortunately the one that most quickly comes to mind is far more crude than the originally intended 13th century definition: “a bundle of twigs bound up”.

In this case, however, we’re talking about good old fashioned British faggots, a combination of all the offal (internal organs and entrails) you can imagine, mainly liver and sometimes heart, encased in bit of fat or skin and then roasted. Making their way onto the menus of many a Michelin star restaurant, they are the trendiest thing to be stuffing your face with right now.

You might say it’s the Welsh response to pâté. Delicious until you hear what’s in it, then suddenly you’d like it to be as far away from your mouth as possible, but offal is underrated. As bursting with health benefits as it is taste, livers got all the vitamin A you could want while kidneys are a great source of iron.

But even if you can’t stomach the taste, faggots are at least a source of humour. For all our American and Canadian friends who mouths still haven’t quite closed since reading the title, don’t worry, you aren’t the only ones who were shocked, the Canadian comedian Tom Stade enacts it perfectly.

You need to watch this:


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