What does your favourite meat say about you?



You’re traditional, why mess with something that is already perfection right? If you like it rare, you’re right, well done. Well done? You’re wrong, try harder. You know what you like and you’re not going to change your mind. You believe firmly in quality over quantity,so you’re always willing to pay for the best.



You’re a cliché, too quick to conform. I mean, yes it’s delicious, and crispy and yeah…maybe you have a point. You’re obviously awesome. Rock on.



You appreciate the simple things in life, whether you’re a fan of the 42% pork  Richmonds or the Organic pork and caramelised onion variety. You’re the proof that one thing can work beautifully in many different settings, and similarly you are very accepting of new people and feel comfortable in situations may not be used to.



I know it’s a broad generalisation putting all fish in one category, but you fish fiends know who you are! You’re health conscious but too adventurous for chicken. You’re not an aggressive person, as easy to get along with as fish is to chew. No matter what your personality though, it better be pole and line caught.



You’re less concerned in the meat than the flavours you can add to it. You might have your usual choice but you’re not afraid to experiment, just like in life. You’re loyal to your favourite places; your local pub landlord even knows your name, but every once in while you’re tempted into something new (like a chicken kiev!)



You’re not adverse to waiting for results, you’re happy to take the time to peel a prawn or crack through a crab shell because you know the result will be delicious and worth it. You don’t need immediate gratification; you would take the time to climb a mountain to paraglide off rather than settling for a hill.



Not just for vegetarians…it’s for the vegans too. Just kidding. You’re interesting, international, and like tofu, many might not know there are different sides to your personality, from the soft silken side to the tougher firm variations. People might judge you before they get to know you but once you’ve made a friend they will be with you for life.


Fish, raw

You’re cosmopolitan, and you probably don’t mind the drink either. You’re comfortable in the city alongside the hustle and bustle. I mean sushi fans are obviously too busy for excessive things like cooking.



Ooh fancy. You’re big on flavour. Lamb meat stands on its own, bar a sprig of rosemary, and you are the same. You don’t depend on cool gadgets and flashy clothes to make yourself interesting; your personality (and rosemary perfume) is enough.



You’re underrated, always overshadowed by your overrated older brother Gammon and your up-himself second cousin Bacon. Like ham you’re sweet and fit in everywhere and with everyone, from your standard ham sandwich childhood friends to the more adventurous ham and pineapple pizza friendship group from university. You may not need to be the centre of attention, but your presence is always appreciated.



You like a bit of spice in your life, your lust for adventure outweighs your knowledge of the fat content. It’s not a meat that is commonplace, but just like you it makes a big impact on any situation (meal) it is present at (in). But like the rest of us, you can’t help but feel like a dick when you say “chorizo” in a Spanish accent.

Did we predict your personality or were we way off? Let us know in the comments below!

Images drawn with Sketches app


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