Sausages in Unexpected Places

National Sausage Week is coming to an end but don’t despair, sausages have been around for a long time and I’m sure they don’t plan on going anywhere.

(Unfortunately for the pigs)

In honour of this celebrated week I’d like to have a look at some sausages that have popped up in places you wouldn’t expect.

First, let’s head over to Wisconsin, specifically the Milwaukee baseball diamond, where before every Brewers home game five mascots dressed as five different sausages from around the world have a race around the stadium.

The competitors are:

  1. Guido, an Italian sausage in a chef’s outfit
  2. Stosh, a Polish sausages in sunglasses and a rugby shirt
  3. Brett wurst, a German bratwurst in lederhosen
  4. Frankie Furter, an American hot dog in a baseball uniform
  5. Cinco, a Spanish chorizo in a sombrero

Though the whole thing is a marketing gimmick made up by the baseball team’s sponsor, a meat distributor called Klements, I won’t question it because it’s a fantastic idea no matter its basis. Who would you bet on?

Sausages have also been seen on the silver screen. In most recents news, Seth Rogen and his usual team of slightly awkward stoners have announced plans to make an animated film about a sausage that gets lost in the supermarket. It seems likely that the munchies were behind this concept; luckily it won’t be out until 2015.

More subtly, sausages also got a name drop in an old time John Hughes favourite, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. (If you haven’t seen it, you need to, immediately.) It’s the scene when Ferris impersonates Abe Froman: ‘the sausage king of Chicago’. Don’t remember? Here’s a reminder:

There are some people, namely those at sausagepartypresents, who don’t think sausages have had quite enough time on screen. So I will leave you with this, their sausage-ised interpretation of The Dark Knight Rises trailer. Prepare yourselves:


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